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SHARE CLINIC is another department, which handles physical share transfer, helping investors to Demat their scrips into electronic form, transmission of shares and revalidating the time barred TDs and Dividend warrants.

As an NRI you may have invested in the stock market back home. Demat of course remains the ideal option if you want to avoid the hassles of fake certificates, lost certificates, damage, theft etc. What's more, when you open a demat account with us, you can view your Demat balances from anywhere in the world, through net.

For NRI's who wish to deal in shares in the secondary market, we can open the NRE (Repatriation basis) or NRO (Non-Repatriation basis) accounts without you visiting India. If you are surprised how, please call or mail us, we will surprise you more.

Demat services, presents you a convenient and efficient way to manage your securities (shares, bonds, etc). Demat accounts are very much similar to normal bank accounts. In a bank account you deposit and withdraw your money. In a Demat account you deposit and withdraw your securities. The securities in the Demat account are kept in electronic form.


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